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This website has been designed (as the name suggests) to give you information as it pertains to loans in a simple, straight-forward manner.  I believe it is also unique in that it's more than just an advertisement for my services but it is highly informative resource for those of you who are interested in loan basics and credit information.  It is my personal belief that an informed borrower is a better client.  Consequently, everything (within reason) that you might ever need to know about loans and the loan process is covered here.  Whether you do a loan through me or not, I believe that you'll find this to be an invaluable resource.

If you read nothing else, I'd strongly suggest that you look at “What Most of You Don’t Know about Money and Mortgages”.  It provides a good introductory synopsis, in two pages.  It’s found by clicking on the Talking Points menu button.  The other key selections that should be viewed  are Why Me?, Location and Pricing on the menu buttons located at the top of the home page.  If you wish to work with me you need to be cognizant of Rule #1 also located in the Talking Points section. 

I've also taken the liberty of capitalizing and/or bolding certain words or phrases that I think are significant.  I've tried to avoid using acronyms or abbreviations that the mortgage industry is replete with, but the average person may be unfamiliar.  If you didn't know that a DTI (Debt To Income Ratio) or a DIR (Debt/Income Ratio) both refer to the same thing you're not alone and whatever information I am trying to impart might be lost on you.  For this reason I'll use the entire phrase before I make an abbreviated reference to it.

I’ve striven to make this the easiest and most user friendly mortgage website there is.  In accordance with these aims, any feedback you wish to give me, whether positive or negative, is appreciated.

So...without further ado, I'd like to introduce our beloved talking head and your host--MORTY, THE MORTGAGE MAN!

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