Mortgage Disclosure Instructions

We are required by Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Real Estate to make these loan disclosures available to you and you are required to acknowledge receipt of these disclosures by signing, dating and returning them to us.

1. Download the 12 "disclosure" documents individually (a-l) or as a single download (m).
2. Sign and date each form.
3. Fax, email or postal mail to us all eleven forms.
4. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. 

a)  Borrower Signature Authorization

b)  Credit Score

c)  Equal Credit Opportunity Act

d)  Fair Lending Notice

e)  Mortgage Loan Origination Agreement

f)  Patriot Act Information

g)  Privacy Policy

h)  Real Estate Agency

i)  Right to Receive Appraisal

j)  Servicing Disclosure

k)  Vesting

l)  4506t

m)  all of the above (a-l)             

Thank You.

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