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Due to the high incidence of spam, if you wish to correspond with me via email, it is absolutely crucial that on the subject line of the email you identify yourself as a former or potential client.  Despite having rather sophisticated email spam filters I still get 200 unsolicited emails a day simply because I have a business.  Part of my daily regimen is deleting those that I think are likely spurious.  Consequently, I have to sift through approximately 6,000 bogus messages a month so as to not to miss the handful of legitimate ones.  I mention this because if I don’t recognize the name I or the sender has not clearly identified the nature of their email on the subject line, I routinely hit delete.  For this reason alone, if you need to contact me, it is probably best that you call me. Otherwise, more than likely, it will end up in my bulk email folder and if I don’t recognize your name or the legitimacy of your communiqué, you are apt to become a victim of the delete key.


Rod Haase

Cypress Realty & Mortgage
2131 Palomar Airport Road
  Suite 229
Carlsbad CA. 92011

Tel:  760 726 4600
Cel:  760 717 8584
Fax:  760 730 5692


DRE License #  0069 3227

NLM License #  336 541

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